We learned about the six major religions present in Sheffield (UK).

The number of people involved in each religion proportionally corresponds to the cardinal world’s faiths.


The research found out that every religion talks about the same or similar values and ethics. They also share a widely accepted code of behaviour in the given culture.

A religious leader who joined one of our discussions with the public about the faiths said: ‘We all talk about the same God(s) describing it by different languages and approaches. Essentially it’s love, understanding and fraternity’.

The most standing message echoing by each religion is:

‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Thank you to all the people involved. We had inspiring conversations with the folk of diverse religious background and culture. Furthermore, our curiosity, open discussions, a will to listen, acceptance of the different, and no need to persuade the others brought us closer together, we feel.

We also believe that all humans are essentially good-hearted with different layers of trauma, or evil if you like, covering the goodness.

It is up to us to recognize it and do the essential work to nourish the love, understanding and fraternity so everyone will live a better life.

In the end, we are all related genetically, and indeed we all are brothers and sisters. 

Thank you again.


More about each religion and the research is available on the following links.



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