Our Cultures is an organisation that helps people from different countries to understand each other, and the environment we live in, better.


We provide opportunities for cross-cultural interactions through a variety of mediums, namely events, workshops, and other experiential and educational spaces.

Furthermore, Our Cultures seeks to encourage and facilitate a culture of understanding, compassion and environmentalism, so we can all live good, healthy and happy lives.

We aim to do this by sharing the culture and values of the majority with ethnic minority communities, and vice versa. Not only, but also by providing opportunities for interaction in the natural world.

Moreover, we are working in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by the arriving communities and to the problems experienced by the local communities.

Equally important for us is to give our attention to the other forms of life, such as animals and plants, and to the health of the environment on which we ultimately depend.

We hope that you will enjoy our website and that we’ll all learn and open our minds further, to become fulfilled, mature, well-balanced humans and society.

Feel free to browse our website including its blog where you might find interesting articles.

Hope to talk to you soon.


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